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Health Care

Health Care

The School Nurse (2-3 days/week) and the Health Assistant (daily) provide services that include:
  • handling emergencies
  • vision and hearing screening
  • health and development screening
  • scoliosis screening

Do not send student to school with diarrhea, vomiting, fever, or excessive coughing. Students must be free of symptoms for 24 hours to return to school.

Students who are out ill for five days or more must have a medical doctor's note to return to school.

All students with casts, crutches, body braces, ace bandages, stitches, and any hospitalizations must have a release to return to school from a medical doctor, including authorization for any of the above needed at school and limits for P.E.

No medication is allowed at school without written medical doctor's authorizations. This includes cough drops, herbal medication, over-the-counter products, etc. See Health Office of r the form the medical doctor must complete. A medical doctor's note is required for any P.E. excuse needed for more than one day.

Notify the Health Office of any new changes in student's health.

Emergency Card Parent Portal:

You are encouraged to complete your child's emergency card information online.Go to the AUSD Parent Portal Sign-in page to complete the card online.

Your username is your child's student ID number with a 'P' in front of it. Your child's 7-digit student ID number can be found on their report card, student ID card, or by contacting your school office. Your newly assigned password is the last four digits of the student ID number followed by the birth year of that child