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Brightwood School is committed to providing a positive, multicultural environment where students are taught through a variety of strategies based on current research that enables all students to access the curriculum. Students are encouraged to develop to their highest potential, to become lifelong learners, and to become responsible, contributing members of our democratic society.
Brightwood strives for all students to meet or exceed grade-level Common Core State Standards, appropriate to their diverse needs, and to prepare them for participation in society as worthwhile and productive citizens.  Teachers incorporate a variety of instructional strategies based on current research and practice.  All stakeholders contribute and provide support to ensure student success and achievement.

We take pride in our school, its excellent instructional program, and the special student activities offered to children. We strive to help children recognize their full potential while developing a positive self-concept and general good feeling about being at school.


The Brightwood School community (staff, parents, and students) work as a team to create excellence in our educational program, citizenship, and general life skills. Student leadership, independence, and responsibility are fostered. We believe that all our students are capable of achieving excellence. We are a WINNING team.

Educational Goals

Brightwood School is dedicated to providing the best educational experiences for our students to prepare them for the real world. We will continue to nurture the development of a positive image, a lifelong love for learning, and an appreciation of cultural diversity.

The faculty and staff support the District's Strategic Plan goals which includes:
  • Improving the organization, management and decision making structure and capabilities of the District to better support the education of students.
  • Using technology more effectively in instruction and business support activities.
  • Addressing the educational needs of a multicultural and multilingual student body.
  • Providing appropriate and secure learning environment.
  • Improving parental and community involvement.