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School Profile/SARC

Greetings from Brightwood School, home of the Bengals!  Our school has a wonderful and rich tradition of academic achievement and excellence in a supportive school environment.  The faculty and staff are committed to providing the best possible educational opportunities, and ensuring our students are prepared for success in high school, college and beyond. We are constantly striving to build connections with each student and to deliver high quality standards-based instruction.
Brightwood School continues to have many reasons to celebrate.  With a 2013* schoolwide state Academic Performance Index (API) of 904, we are well above the state target of 800 and we currently have a statewide ranking of 9 out 10.  Over the years, Brightwood School has been the recipient of multiple state and national awards, including being named a Title I Academic Achievement Award recipient, a California Business for Education Excellence Honor Roll School, a California Distinguished School, and a National Blue Ribbon School.
We take great pride in our school and its instructional program, but we know there is always room for improvement.   Through strong academic instruction and strategic, targeted intervention programs, we strive to help all students achieve academic success as we transition to full implementation of the new Common Core State Standards.
Special student activities and events help children to recognize their full potential, create a positive self-concept, and build a strong connection to the school.  Emphasis is placed on developing personal responsibility through a system of positive recognition and a variety of social, emotional, and academic programs.  We foster personal responsibility, independence, and leadership.  
We welcome and value the input and participation from our parents and community members.  There are many opportunities for parents to participate in advisory committees, fundraisers, family movie nights, schoolwide activities, and the PTA, or to serve as classroom volunteers and/or field trip chaperones.  We also encourage community members to be involved with our school through partnerships and/or volunteer opportunities.  We hope each of you will take an interest in our school and participate in one of these groups or attend the many on-campus activities. By working together, we can help ALL students meet academic expectations and develop to their highest potential as productive citizens in a democratic society.
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