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Regular, prompt attendance is expected and required by law. It is required that you contact the school by phone or send a note regarding your child's illness or tardiness Students who are out ill for five days or more, must have a note from the doctor to return to school. Students who demonstrate attendance problems may be referred to the District Attendance Review Board. Students who will be absent from school for ten or more days for non-medical reasons need to give at least 30 days notice to the office. These students will be referred to the Independent Study Program.

Absence Readmit Procedure

Upon your child's return from being absent, you must send him/her with a note. Notes must be handwritten and include the following:
  1. Student's full legal name
  2. Date(s) of absence
  3. Reason for the absence
  4. Home and Work numbers for Parent or Guardian
  5. Signature of Parent, Guardian, or Doctor

Call the office on the day of your child's absence at (626) 308-2404 to report your child's absence:
  1. Student's full legal name
  2. Teacher's name
  3. Reason for absence
The following is required for illnesses exceeding 4 days:
  1. A Doctor's note is required
  2. You must be cleared by the Health Office
Permit to Leave School Grounds
  1. Send a written note to your child's teacher
  2. Reason why the student must leave school
  3. Approximate pick up time
  4. Parent must come into the office to sign the student out at which time office will call the classroom


Uniform Standards

The Board of Education approved a mandatory School Uniform Policy for all kindergarten through grade 8 students beginning September 1996. This decision was strongly supported by a parent survey. Students are expected to wear uniforms daily. Free dress days will be announced.

Official AUSD Uniform Policy information is available at the District Homepage.

On April 25, 2008, an official memo from AUSD was sent out for the following additions/changes to the District K-8 Uniform Policy.
  • Black is NOT permitted as an optional color for pants.
  • Sweaters and sweatshirts (worn in class) are to be navy blue, white or match school colors.
  • Heavy Jackets/coats worn outside of class must conform to the District Appearance/Dress Standards, but are not required to be navy blue, white or match school colors.
  • Blue jeans are NOT permitted.

General Uniform Guidelines are as follow:
  • Tops: solid white, navy blue or light blue and must have collars and sleeves.
  • Bottoms: solid navy blue or khaki. No black. No jeans.
  • Caps/hats: navy blue or white hats with a brim may be worn for sun protection.
  • Students may wear school-designed or school affiliated T-shirts on Friday

Prohibited clothing:
  • No tank tops, no bike shorts/leggings, no baggy pants, no short shorts/skirts, no mid-calf shorts, and no sweat pants.
  • Gang-related attire, clothing which depicts tobacco/alcohol products, inappropriate messages/graphics, baggy clothing, tight or low-cut clothing, and no bare-midriff clothing.
  • Baggy pants definition: waistline "more than 2 inches larger than the natural waist"
  • Shoes, clothing, hairstyle, jewelry, or make-up which are distracting or unsafe are not permitted.
  • Open footwear such as thongs, sandals, go-aheads, backless or soft-soled shoes (jellies) are unacceptable.
  • Be clean and neat, i.e. no big holes in pants.
  • Colored glasses are not acceptable at school, except in emergency medical situations with written permission.
  • Caps and hats are not to be worn in the classroom.
  • Make-up: light use of cosmetics and nail polish in light colors (not red, brown, black, etc.) are permitted in seventh and eighth grade.

Homework Policy

Report Cards & Conferences

Report cards are issued three times during the school year. During the first month of school parents are invited to attend Back-to-School Night to learn about the instructional goals and program for their child. Within the first two months of the school year, parents are formally invited to meet their child's teacher individually and receive an initial progress report. Parents are encouraged to schedule a conference any time they feel a need during the school year.

Grading Standards for K - 5th grade

4 - Exceeds: The student meets with excellence and frequently exceeds the standards expected. The student consistently demonstrates a thorough understanding of concepts with new insights. The student readily uses and applies new skills with infrequent errors a majority of the time and produces outstanding work.

3 - Proficient: The student regularly meets the standard. He/she grasps, applies and extends the key concepts, processes, and skills for the grade level with limited errors.

2 - Approaching: The student is beginning to an occasionally meets the standard expected at the time of the report. the student is beginning to understand and apply the key concepts, processes, and skills for the grade level with many errors.

1 - Below: The student is not meeting the standard expected at the time of this report. The student is below grade level expectations.

School Safety Rules

For Your Safety
  • Possessing or furnishing of any dangerous or illegal objects/substances (i.e. fireworks, knife, gun, lighter, matches, screwdriver, cigarette, etc.) will result in automatic suspension or expulsion.
  • Harassment or hate motivated behavior of any kind is prohibited.
  • Students should not walk through the school parking lot. Observe good safety practices.
  • Report any safety hazard promptly to an adult.
  • Report any person who damages public or personal property.
  • Do not go into any classroom, library or cafeteria unless there is an adult supervising.
  • Use only assigned restrooms.
  • Do not play or loiter in restrooms or halls.
  • Stay in assigned area before school, at recess, at lunch, and at dismissal.
  • Stay in assigned area before school starts. Do not go to the classroom
  • Recognize patrols as school helpers and cooperate with them at all times. Walk. (Running is only acceptable on the playground)
  • Park and lock bicycles in bicycle area.
  • Bike riding, skate boarding and roller skating on school grounds are prohibited at any time, including before and after school.
  • Parents must check out students in the school office. Students are not permitted to leave school grounds without permission from the office.

  • We go to the playground in an orderly manner using the ramps and the stairs that are assigned to us. (Single file walking, holding railing, upper grades yield to lower grades, students on stairs have the right of way, stay on right side)
  • We are cooperative with the school personnel.
  • We use our recess time wisely to take care of all personal needs (use bathroom during recess).
  • We stop all games and hold the ball when the bell ending recess rings.
  • We carry the ball to and from the playground.
  • We share equipment and space so everyone can have fun.
  • We share equipment and spaces so everyone can have fun.
  • We have no "closed" ball games (unless the number of players exceeds 15).
  • We practice the skills and rules of games we have learned in our PE Class.
  • We are allowed to bring a softball glove to school during softball season.
  • We are never behind the batter without a face mask.
  • We report to an adult on duty if a ball goes off school grounds.
  • We play appropriate games only in designated areas.
  • We do not play tag or chase games.
  • We go to the office only with permission from a supervisor on duty. We must line up on the yellow line while waiting for our turn on the handball court.
  • We are not allowed on the climbing apparatus if safety mats are missing.
  • Upper grade students are to use the ramp and stairs by Room 16.
  • At the swings
    • do not walk behind the swings
    • line up at the edge of the safety mats
    • Take turns by counting (back/forth =1)
      • Primary counts to 30
      • Intermediate counts to 50
    • no jumping out of the swings, twisting or bumping
  • At the slide
    • use the steps to climb up
    • slide down properly
  • At the bars
    • go in one direction only
    • do not pull another student off the bars
    • do not go under the bars when someone is on

Other Policies

For safety reasons, he Hillside gate is locked during school hours, and we require all visitors to check in at the office before visiting the instructional area. Visitors must obtain and wear a visitor's badge while o campus. Please close the gate behind you each time you walk through it. The office is open fro 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Restrooms Rules
  • Turn off all faucets flush toilets
  • User restroom during recess
  • No loitering
  • Put trash in trash cans/keep restrooms clean.

Other Rules
  • No gum, candy, sunflower seeds, etc. may be brought to school.
  • Card playing is not allowed, except when used during math instruction.
  • Toys should not be brought to school.
  • Do not play while you are waiting before or after school. You must be picked up promptly at dismissal.
  • Telephones - Students must have a pass to use the office phone.
  • Students must have a hall pass to leave the classroom.
  • Students must have lunch pass to return to class during lunch.
  • Rolling backpacks should be carried when going up/down the steps.
  • Students shall be permitted to have in their possession electronic signaling devices (cell phones, pagers) provided these conditions are met:
    1. Device is deactivated and not used during the instructional day.
    2. Parent completes permission form and registers it with the school district.
    3. Device is not to be used for unlawful purposes.
  • Student work may not be faxed to the school office.
  • Students who are not eating in the cafeteria should bring their lunch with them to school. PLEASE - no special lunch deliveries during school hours.
  • Cheating, forgery, bribery or betting is prohibited.
  • Students and/or their property may be searched by school personnel in an effort to maintain a safe and orderly school environment.
  •  Please use the link below to view our No Drop Off Policy.