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Student Achievement

Student Achievement

Student achievement is measured by standardized tests, performance assessment, District assessment, teacher tests, and observations in individual classrooms.
The following tests are given to students:
  • The Standardized Testing and Reporting Program (STAR) tests are administered in grades 2 through 8. The STAR program consists of the California Standards Test (CST)
  • STAR CST Writing in grades 4 and 7.
  • Fifth and seventh grade students are tested on the California Physical and Health-Related Fitness Test.
  • Performance writing assessments are administered in grades K through 8.
  • A district test based on standards is given to Kindergarten students.
  • Fourth through eighth grade students are tested on either reading Running Record or comprehensive Assessment of Reading in the Fall and Spring.
  • District math trimester benchmark assessment in grades K through 8.

Specific test scores are available at each school site.

Student Testing

In May, the Alhambra School District administers the CST test to students in grades 2 to 8. Parents are notified of the specific dates each year. The Class Size Reduction Program also requires that all students in 20:1 ratio classrooms be assessed twice a year (September and May) in the areas of reading and math.